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Especially during the holidays, weight loss meals need not be monotonous. There are many types of foods that can help in losing weight, and some of them may very well be your favorites.  After you have resolved not to include any more unhealthy foods in the diet, all that will be left will be healthy foods, right? However, not all healthy foods are the same. Healthy foods differ, and some healthy foods may be suited to your tastes while others aren’t. You should remember that weight loss won’t commit you to boredom in eating; with some research, you can always find foods that are healthy as well as friendly to your taste buds.

In planning meals for weight loss, one important thing to remember is variety. In weight loss meals, there can be variety within meals as well as variety between meals.

Variety within a meal means putting together different foods for the same meal. Weight loss foods are usually fruits, vegetables and protein-rich chows. A well-balanced meal should typically contain all three of them, plus a healthy beverage. One serving of green leafy vegetable, one serving of protein-rich meat (minus the fatty parts) and one fruit serving in a meal can make the meal colorful and attractive. Through constant planning of foods to put within a meal, every mealtime becomes enjoyable, and this enjoyment doesn’t detract from the health benefits.

Variety between meals means planning different meals to eat. Just because you’ve eaten a meal today doesn’t mean that you’ll have to eat the same meal later or tomorrow. You can create a totally different meal. Use different fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods for the next meal. Your fruits for today may be apples and bananas; later it could be melons and oranges. Your vegetables today may be cabbages, and then make it carrots later. Your meat items today may be chicken then turn it to beef later. Varying the meals you eat also makes you more involved in planning meals – instead of being just a passive follower of a specific menu that can bore you as days passed.

Varying weight loss meals can add enjoyment to weight loss, especially during the holidays, and the more you enjoy, the more you’ll stick to it and follow through until you reach your goals.