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The lawyers have gained a bad reputation over the years and they generally have negative stereotypes connected to it. They are sometimes viewed as hunters hungry ambulance money that are out of blood. Director Tom Shadyac comedy takes a look at some of these stereotypes and uses them to create a movie called Liar Liar which is based on one day in the life of a very successful lawyer.

Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey) is a successful defense attorney who will do anything to win his case and back in the world. One of his best attributes is his ability to lie, but that does not sit well with Max (Justin Cooper), his five-year-old son. After being let down and lied to his father by the time and time again, Max decides to make a birthday wish that will not lie to Fletcher for a full 24 hours. Miraculously, Max wish comes true and he could not have come at a worse time for Fletcher as he opened a big deal that can help improve its position in his cabinet and make him a partner. Now Reede must do all it can in the day to avoid blowing this case, ruining his career and damage to relations that are important to him.

The film itself is basic and does not have a ton of depth when it comes to the plot. Liar Liar is a film that was set up to show the comic talents Carrey a. It is essentially to do what he does best, mixing his physical comedy with a single line that are presented with a sharp delivery. You can say it is the only central figure in the entire film. You can not really criticize it here because it puts its best foot forward in each of his scenes and creates funny moments when they are requested. Everyone plays out of it and the point of sale real Liar Liar is how they respond to a man who is literally unable to tell a lie.

Liar Liar is a film that uses one man to bring in most of its entertainment value. This comes mainly from the laughter that you could get, but there is also an element of drama that continues to hover in the background of a kid who just wants his father to be more involved in his life.

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