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Every single one of us is surrounded by sin. The unsaved world revels in it, and even Christians can get caught up in it. Sin is evil, there is no excuse for it, we need to be on guard against it at all times, however a lot of Christians lash out not only against the sin, but against the sinner as well. The Bible makes it very clear that this isn’t the way it should be.

Jesus condemns people who judge people, saying in Matthew 7:1-3 that we shouldn’t judge, because then we ourselves will be judged. He says not to worry about the tiny thing wrong that our brother is doing, but to first deal with the major sin in our lives. This doesn’t mean that we accept what our brother is doing, but rather we need to make sure that our own lives are pure before criticizing their lives. When we do confront our brother over the sin in his life, we need to do it in a loving manner. We can’t act holier than thou with them, because then we are prideful. Pride is a sin just as much as whatever they are doing , so if we do that, are we any less sinful than they are?

Now, what about the unsaved world around us? How do we handle that kind of sin? Obviously, we need to reach out to these people, and lead them to God. When they are doing something that’s wrong, we should let them know, in a loving manner, not jumping down their throats every single time they breath wrong. Again, we need to make sure that our lives are pure before we start telling them that they are wrong, otherwise, we’re hypocrites and we’re destroying our witness.

Another thing we need to do is to make sure that these people genuinely know what is right and wrong. How can we expect an unsaved person to act like a Christian? They have no clue. We need to come alongside these people and witness to them and invite to church, and let our lives be living witness as to what Christians are. With new believers, we need to come alongside them and show them the way. Keep in mind that God will convict people as they study the Bible, sometimes we don’t have to say anything at all.

It’s easy to fly off the handle when we see someone doing something we know is wrong, but rather than lashing out, we need to take a moment and pray for the wisdom to know what to say. By just lashing out, especially with an unsaved person, we’re just going to push them away. Look at Jesus, He came alongside the sinners to show them the way. These weren’t just average sinners, these were harlots and tax collectors, the worst of the worst, and yet He just came alongside them. The only times He lashed out at sinners were the people like the Pharisees, the people who already knew better and deliberately chose to sin.

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