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I walked into the theatre expecting an awesome bone-breaking, face-crunching, Jet Li movie. It was his last movie and I couldn’t wait too see the action!

Positive Elements

Jet Li tries to avenge someones death by killing the killer, he goes to the killers house and sees his mom and sister (the killer’s) he goes to kill them but stops, and leaves them un-harmed. Jet Li seeks revenge for his “brother” by fighting an important combatee to the death, he kills him and learns that he killed him for no reason, he seeks redemption by going to his grave and paying respects. The whole movie is about how Jet Li learns how fighting should be a sport in which the opponents both live through the match (not about killing). It is very obvious that Jet Li wanted to show how fighting and killing is wrong and it shouldn’t be done. I was impressed how he chose this message to end his movie career! At the end of the movie, Jet Li stops a friend from seeking revenge for “a” death, He says “revenge is what started bloodshed in the first place”. While Jet Li is away, his friend pays his bills. Jet Li’s dad stops a move that would have caused death if used. Jet Li’s mom tells him that “its not about fighting, its about self control”. Jet Li saves an opponent from falling on spikes. A fighter who defeats Jet Li admits defeat before he is crowned victorious, he decides that he unfairly won and he walks away humbly.

Spiritual Content

Jet Li passes a western preacher sharing “God’s word!”.

When Jet Li goes into a woman’s house to pay his respects, he bows before a grave. A female character see’s a (glowing) dead character in part of the movie.

Sexual Content

Jet Li lives in a small hut with a woman. No sexuality involved though.

Violent Content

It is a Jet Li movie, expect a few martial arts scenes, involving kicks, swords (no stabbing or fatal wounds inflicted with them). There are fighting matches in which punches and kicks are involved, no one is severly injured in those matches. In an intense sequence Jet Li faces off with a fighting champion and kills him with a fatal finishing move. Swords ARE used in matches, but they stop when the weapon is at each others neck or stomach. In a sad sequence, Jet Li finds his mom and daughter dead (not shown). He finds the murderer and tries to kill him but the murderer commits suicide. In a funny scene (I thought it was funny) a guy falls from 15 feet on his face ( Laughing ) and he gets up and walks away……..


1 subtitled son of a b**ch (although that part skipped when I saw it….. Wink )

Drug and Alcohal content

A couple of scenes show people drinking. Jet Li is offered a drink, but he refuses (after he comes back), saying “I gave up drinking a long time ago”. Poison is put into someones tea.


Loa Tzu, the father of Taoism said, “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself makes you fearless.” Jet Li’s “Fearless” is based around this idea. Throughout the movie, Jet Li learns about how vengence and killing leads to more vengence and killing. He learns how to have self-control and when to stop. The movie was very positive and encouraged to not do what his earlier movies promoted. The fight scenes are like graceful dancing, he is a wonder to watch. The movie is well made and has a good storyline. Jet Li’s character is someone you can root for (even though Westeners are portrayed as the bad guys). I aplaud Jet Li for making a movie that has a great message that people need to learn. This movie is a definite thumbs-up, I will recommend this movie to any family looking for a good movie that wont shake their morals (and have a good time).
I am the way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father except through me

John 14:6

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