Copacabana rio de janeiro rental apartments

Copacabana Rio de Janeiro rental apartments may require a little research for foreigners looking to visit Rio for longer then a stereotypical one week vacation or holiday to Brazil. Thanks to the ever improving shopping carts hosted on the modern websites, travelers can book certain luxury apartments before they even arrive.

The first question to ask yourself when visiting Rio is how long are you staying? If the answer is longer then one week then locating a rental apartment in Copacabana for a month to month or longer basis would have some advantages over a traditional hotel. Many apartments in this area aren’t listed on every real estate website and can make for a great ocean view trip. Some of the best long term apartment rentals are hidden in the neighboring buildings of the popular rental flats or even in the same building.

The first obvious benefit is cost. Ocean view hotel flats for short term holidays would cost a lot for longer trips and might not be the best option for long vacations. Some month to month Copacabana flat rentals come in Pent Houses, Luxury Apartments, One bedroom, Two Bedroom, and Studios. Most flats available specifically for foreigners or Brazilians staying in Rio for business are prefurnished including internet.

The main challenge I’ve personally noticed with Copacabana Rio de Janeiro rental apartments is you need good timing to secure the best long term (month to month lease or longer) deals. A practical strategy to finding the best flat rentals in Copacabana is already being in Rio and prepared to pay the leaser the down payment and months rent the day your dream apartment becomes available. This exotic Rio beach town is one of the most desired places to be and good long term flat rentals go fast.

Individuals looking to rent an apartment in this part of town (and find the best deals) will have an advantage by already being here. Most Gringo’s I’ve met with the best rental apartments in Copacabana with a reasonable monthly rate did so by upgrading to their current apartment. They gradually found better apartments along their stay (usually after the first month or so). It seems, the longer your here, the better your timing will be to land the best apartments.

Tourists who stay longer then a couple weeks in Rio often choose Copacabana, Ipanema, or Leblon for their beach front short term apartment rentals.. Foreigners living in Rio for longer then three or six months might find more affordable apartments in Botafogo, Leme, Gloria, Flamengo, Lagoa, Jardim Botanico, Barra da Tijuca, Gavea, Tijuca, Humaita, and others.

Copacabana rental apartments are often categorized by which Post they are in front of on the beach. Flats are advertised as being in front of Posto 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 (now into Leme). Besides which Post the apartment is lined up with, balcony or beach view apartments are the preferred. Of course, one level above that would be renting out the Pent House which is the buildings flats located on the top floors.

Some foreigners looking to live in Rio seek out long term apartment rental leases of unfurnished apartments. Renting a unfurnished apartment here with the intent to furnish it yourself makes sense if you can solve the Fiador rule. Unfurnished apartment rentals usually require one year to 18 month agreements, income investigation, and a Fiador (person who guarantees you pay). It’s far easier for Brazilians to have Fiadors (person who is pays for your monthly payments should you default) since they are from here and are Brazilian. (Being Brazilian and have fluent Portuguese skills only helps with doing business in Brazil and especially negotiating the local price).

Apartments and Flats in this world renowned part of Rio are almost always subject to high season rates during December, January, and February. The most expensive being during Carnival where tourists from around the world come to Copacabana. Apartment rentals with long term leases sometimes waive high season rates but this totally depends on your contract.

Copacabana starts at the Ipanema border and runs to Leme along the ocean and famous street Avenida Atlantica. Some rental apartments available on a monthly basis can be found on common side streets in front of the beach like Rua Francisco Sa, Rua Souza Lima, Sa Ferriera, Barao de Ipanema, and Santa Clara to name a few. We will update this blog with more content real soon and thanks for visiting. Copacabana rental apartments

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