Choosing may way of dealing with pain


Choosing may way of dealing with pain

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The last few days were terrible for me. My pain was really annoying. I know that it may sound weird but even now, after all these years of sacroiliac joint pain, I can’t deal with the pain sometimes. The last week was just like that. There were too many moments of pain and suffering for me.
Even though I suffer I try not to complain about it. I know from my own experience that complaining doesn’t help. On the contrary, it can even worsen the situation. During all these years I’ve been working as a nurse and I know that complaining influences badly not only the one who suffers but also his family. That’s why I’m trying to deal with my disease quietly. I know that one day I may be in such pain that I won’t be able to hide it any longer. But until then I decided to protect my family from my problems and suffering.
I’ll write something about my pain, but it won’t be a list of complains. I just want to explain to you what the symptoms of my disease are and how hard it is to handle it. Well, the worst of all is the inflammation of the sacroiliac (SI) joints. It’s hard to deal with that pain because it occurs every time I want to sit down, or when I sit for a longer period of time.
It is a little bit hard to me to write this, but my problems lead to a severe backside pain. I know that it may sound silly but it’s true. The worst part of it is that I can’t take part in many social meetings because I can’t sit for a longer period of time. So, even going to a cinema or having a dinner in a restaurant is sometimes impossible. The pain starts with the strange feeling of pressure on my lap. I feel like there was an elephant sitting on me. Then I can feel the pain and pressure on my pubic bone and pelvis which is really hard to deal with. The pain, and the way it influences my life, is really annoying.
I take a lot of drugs, really. Sometimes I’m really afraid that they will finally destroy my liver or badly influence me health in another way. The drugs I take include: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (so called NSAIDs), low-dose prednisone, methotrexate and anti-malarials. I also take muscles relaxants, stool softeners and various pain killers. My doctor advised me to do some exercises which I of course do if I’m not in too much pain. 
I’m aware of the fact that this bad time to me will pass. It won’t take long and soon I’ll be able to live more normally again. All I have to do is to take my meds regularly, exercise whenever I have time and stop lifting all these heavy bags from the shop. And I really hope that all these will bring me back to life and I will be able to enjoy my life again. I know that my relations with my husband will get better and that every day will be filled with joy and laughter again.
I know that I have to live with my disease to the rest of my life but I feel I don’t have enough strength or courage to deal with it. In other cases you can always choose the way of dealing. In other disease you can pick another doctor or you can look for some other drugs. My disease didn’t give me a chance of choosing.
I still believe that despite the disease I can decide about my life and I can make my own way of dealing with my problems and with the pain. I know that everyone have his own way of coping with such problems. It is vital not to give up.

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