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Sorry for the long delay!! It will perhaps make sense as we reveal that our newest theme for the month is….


Elle and myself have been doing some hardcore adventuring lately and it has put us a little behind on our posts.  Elle went on an amazing retreat that she will surely fill you in on and I have been traveling around California, will be in Washington DC this weekend, and going on all kinds of adventures!

Adventuring in Santa Barbara

Why is adventure important enough to be a theme on this yoga and joy-filled blog?  Because yoga is all about moving in a way that respects and challenges your body in the moment, just as in life we should find the balance between both respecting ourselves, our instincts, and challenging ourself to explore, go out of our comfort zone, or see the way that other people live in the world.  So we’ll look at adventures both on and off the mat, creating a sense of wonder in your life, and how to turn that curiosity into a constant feeling of joy!

Dinner with friends

Last weekend I took my boyfriend skydiving for his birthday!  It’s something he has wanted to do for years and just never had the chance to do.  I am an absolute sucker for creating adventures and surprises, so I knew exactly what his birthday present was going to be as soon as he said that.  I also knew that, while I love new experiences,  plummeting to the earth from 18,000 feet above, is not respecting the wants of my body and mind.  So this adventure was about making my partner happy, seeing something new, and then we played in Santa Barbara with friends later, so I got my fun adventure too!  It was the perfect balance of fun, new sights, and respecting my own personal boundaries. 

Ready to skydive!

Please do share your own adventures on our site this month!  What was your favorite trip, home town adventure, or what are your upcoming plans?  Have fun!!

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