5 steps for a comfortable and stylish travel look

If you are about to embark on a trip then paying some attention to the clothes you’ll wear during your travel is a good idea. Sitting in one spot, whether it is in the airplane, train or car can be quite exhausting and wearing the right clothes can help make the experience a bit more bearable.

You also want to make sure that you don’t look like someone wearing his or her pyjamas when you travel and so here are five simple steps to help you get a comfortable yet stylish travel look.

1. Wash Up Before Travelling

Although travelling is most likely going to make you feel sweaty and dirty you still don’t want to go through the journey feeling like that from start to finish. Having a shower beforehand will give you a much more refreshed feeling and you will enjoy the start of the trip a lot better.

It is also a good idea to use moisturiser to get your body moist because, especially if you are flying, the air can make your skin feel quite tight. A scented moisturiser is also a good idea to make sure you have a lovely fragrance but won’t provide a headache for people stuck with you in the same small space.

2. Don’t Use A Lot Of Make-Up Or Hair Care Products

You also shouldn’t put on too much make up for your journey. If you want to wear some then the best option is to go with a BB cream and add a bit of waterproof mascara. Make sure it is waterproof since your eyes might tear up in the dry air or if you wall asleep your mascara might end up all over your face.

Try to keep hair care products to minimum as well. Just add a bit to make sure your hair stays in place.

3. Pack Up Some Essentials To A Handbag

You should also get yourself a stylish handbag that allows you to carry some essential items throughout your travels. The Her Packing List website has a good list of handbags that are both functional and stylish and you can get something similar to them for your own travels.

The key items to add to your handbag are of course your wallet, travel documents and keys. You also want to add a bottle of water, a little moisturising face spray and a brush.

4. Wear Layers

After these steps it is important to dress up properly. The key to travelling in a comfortable and stylish way is to wear layers. Sometimes trains and airplanes can get quite chilly and depending on the location it is best to be prepared for both cold and warm air.

Go with stylish travel jilbabs for women and add a cardigan to the look to stay warm. You can find some inspiration at the Aab Collection website, for example. For men some comfortable jeans and cotton shirts are a good idea.

5. Top It Off With Great Shoes

Your shoes are going to be the most important part of travelling and you really want to find a pair that is comfortable to walk with. One key point is also to never put on new shoes for your travels.

Ruje loves travelling and she is always trying to find new tips to help out her fellow travelling fans. Her favourite country to travel to is Chile and she loves to brush up her Spanish whenever she can.

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