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Nutritional status is frequently impaired among hospitalized patients. It is widely agreed that routine hospital practices can further adversely affect the nutritional status of sick patients. There is no doubt that meeting protein requirements is a must, and a lack of protein has serious implications for health, recovery from illness or surgery, and hospital costs. Many body tissues are composed of proteins, and protein requirement is increased for many sick patients as their bodies recover from illness or injury. Pathophysiology: Protein energy malnutrition (PEM) is caused by starvation and it occurs often in hospitalized patients…. Read Article →

Are you a beauty conscious? Then, you must be taking care of your hair, I believe. Hair is one of the most highlighting features of anyone’s beauty, does not matter, whether you are man and woman. Hair gives you a younger look which everyone always prefers. Long thick hair waving just above your waist gives you a soothing feeling or else, you want have cut on your mid-length hair, and find it getting fallen out in scattered manner or in patches then how would you feel by that moment. Obviously, your will be shocked and… Read Article →

Dr Nick and Shaveta Bhayani have taken great interest in educating patients about most effective ways of oral health. Mouth is the window into health of our body. Whether you are senior citizen or new born oral health touches every aspect of human life but very often things are taken for granted.Oral diseases show symptoms of nutritional deficiencies or general infections. Most Australians enjoy eminent oral health throughout their lives, however cavities remains the most concerned problem throughout all ages.Our dentists always advocate to practice good oral hygiene by brushing teeth twice a day with… Read Article →

These days thousands of cases of skin cancer has been reported. Skin cancer is increasing day by day with the increasing rate. The skin cancer can be defined in three parts. All of these skin cancers are dangerous for he humans. These three skin cancers are as follow: Melanoma- This is the first amongst three types of skin cancers. This can start with a point that is in the moles and this rapidly spread all over the body and this can lead to the death of the infected person. It is advised that if anyone… Read Article →

A normal functioning colon is really good for lead a normal functioning daily life. A large number of Us citizens develop colon disorders on account that they lack fibers along with organic and natural cleansers within their diet. The encouraged typical allowance for fiber intake for an average human being is 30 grams. A diet with no fibers is similar to cleaning your teeth without a toothbrush. You cannot simply clean all plaque as well as food bits. Without the vital natural fibers, a healthy colon is practically inconceivable. Severe accumulation of fecal matters may… Read Article →

When I discovered about my fatty liver disease, or hepatic steatosis, I thought that there was no treatment that could aid. Fatty liver disease results from excessive fat (triglycerides) build up in the liver. If left untreated, this can lead to liver cancer, cirrhosis, and worst, liver failure. I was thus very eager to uncover if there was fatty liver disease treatment. While some have stated that there is no fatty liver disease treatment, I still tried to research on it. I asked a few friends who were nurses to recommend some fatty liver disease… Read Article →

We’ve all got word of how good fish oil is due to the fact that it’s such an abundant source omega-3 essential fatty acids. Even the United States Food and Drug Administration recommend the use of omega-3 supplements as a way to steer clear of heart attacks. We furthermore know that fish oil can do magic for your hair and your skin, and we’ve learned it beefs up the immune system, but are we actually supposed to believe that fish oil cures prostate cancer? Now, to be very honest, I was highly cynical when I… Read Article →

When dialysis was an emerging technology, it was often considered to be a death sentence. Essentially, the patient would go through day after day of visits to the clinic and consulting doctors, leaving no time to live life. That’s not the case anymore, especially when the patient is otherwise well and keeps healthy. There are about 217,000 people in the United States who undergo dialysis regularly, costing over 11 billion dollars every year. All the particulars of dialysis, such as how long each session will take and what dietary restrictions the patient will need to… Read Article →

Malignant mesothelioma sufferers may find relief in the form of a vaccine. British scientists at Liverpool University are researching the effectiveness of a vaccine studied on pancreatic patients. Dubbed the “TeloVac jab,” the treatment is part of a set of new drugs that use the body’s own defense system to kill cancer cells. The vaccine works by using the body’s immune system to seek out and kill telomerase, an enzyme present in cancer cells. This enzyme makes cancer cells indestructible, allowing them to grow and spread. Liverpool University Professor Neoptolemos, coordinator of the British clinical… Read Article →

Grapes are a pretty amazing fruit with some impressive by-products as well. Think about it, when it comes to colors, grapes can be crimson, black, dark blue, yellow, green, orange, or pink. That’s almost as many colors as us kats come in. I’m sure you are aware of this, but you can thank the grape whenever you open a bottle of wine, brandy, vinegar or grape juice (OK…that last one is a little obvious). Oh yeah, don’t forget jelly, raisins or grape seed oil either. Now there is one you may not be quite as… Read Article →