Precisely How Much Truth Is There In The Claim That Fish-oil Cures Prostate Cancer?

We’ve all got word of how good fish oil is due to the fact that it’s such an abundant source omega-3 essential fatty acids. Even the United States Food and Drug Administration recommend the use of omega-3 supplements as a way to steer clear of heart attacks.

We furthermore know that fish oil can do magic for your hair and your skin, and we’ve learned it beefs up the immune system, but are we actually supposed to believe that fish oil cures prostate cancer? Now, to be very honest, I was highly cynical when I initially heard such claims, but seeing that I have a profoundly deep interest in natural remedies, I started digging a little deeper in order to get the truth.

While I’m not sure I would put all of my trust in omega-3 supplements if I were to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, I must confess some of the information is certainly convincing to say the least. For instance, scientists carried out a study wherein some men with prostate cancer where given fish oil supplements, and placed on a low fat diet.

Within a period of just four weeks, the growth of cancer cells had been curbed substantially, while there were no changes noticed between those males who were not given any supplements. In this particular research project which was led by Professor William Aronson from the University of California, the fish oil did not actually get rid of the cancer, but certainly delayed its progression.

This was an astonishing discovery because it means fish oil can at the very least improve the success rate of other prostate cancer treatments. Basically, I wouldn’t go so far as claiming omega3 cures prostate cancer, but I do believe it may well give sufferers the upper hand, or perhaps tip the balance in their favor.

Evidence supporting the anti-cancer benefits of omega-3 rich fish oil is growing every day, and this evidence is being gathered from controlled scientific tests in many countries, so in reality, it would be foolhardy to merely write off such claims totally.

If you ask me for my own personal opinion, I would say, without any hesitation in any way, that everybody should consider either having more oily fish, or taking a first-rate daily fish oil supplement. As is always the case with supplements, a lot depends on the quality of the supplements you end up picking, so don’t base your choice on price tag only.

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