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Dr Nick and Shaveta Bhayani have taken great interest in educating patients about most effective ways of oral health. Mouth is the window into health of our body. Whether you are senior citizen or new born oral health touches every aspect of human life but very often things are taken for granted.
Oral diseases show symptoms of nutritional deficiencies or general infections. Most Australians enjoy eminent oral health throughout their lives, however cavities remains the most concerned problem throughout all ages.
Our dentists always advocate to practice good oral hygiene by brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride rich toothpaste, effective cleaning between teeth once a day with floss or another interdental cleaner, also replacing your toothbrush regularly after three to four month time interval. Most important aspect is to maintain good balanced diet and to have strict measures in your snacks intake.
Many people believe that they only visit dentist when they have unbearable pain in their teeth or something is horribly went wrong with their oral health, they can easily avoid situation by having regular visit. Regular dental visit ensures sound oral health. To maintain good physical condition of oral health it is advisable to visit at least two to three times in a year.
Home Teeth Whitening Supervised by a Dentist
Dentist takes impression of your mouth and makes customized wearable mouthpiece to wear. Tooth whitening gel containing minimal percentage of hydrogen peroxide be used for office use. At home, fill the wearable mouthpiece with whitening gel for few hours. Dentist can make your teeth light up to seven shades. Your dentist provides you various shades of lightness so that you get fair idea on how much degree of whiteness to expect.
Importance of healthy diet and lifestyle in Oral health
Numerous unhealthy dietary and lifestyle factor can have severe effect on oral health:
1. Sugar consumption: Excess sugar rich diet will contribute to gum problem and affect overall oral health as the bacteria in the flourish in this environment.
2. Smoking: Dental experts revealed that smoking cigarettes, cigars and using tobacco product lead to gum diseases. Cigar causes periodontal diseases and further leads to oral cancer.
3. Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol consumption leads to dehydrated mouth as the bacteria dwells in this environment. Alcohol overall leads to negative impact on health.

Homemade remedies to cure toothache

Neem tree which is widely used in Indian culture since ancient times have always known for its medicinal and well known for its anti-bacterial properties. Various parts of neem tree are being used in Indian society. Indian culture revolves around medicinal values. Some homemade remedies are-

1. Consuming raw neem leaves helps to fight against bad breadth. Unhealthy lifestyle has resulted in oral diseases like swollen gum, toothache, plaque etc. Chewing neem leaves is natural healthy alternative to get rid of oral disease.
2. Use neem stick as form of tooth brush is good healthy option to eradicate oral diseases and make gums strong.
3. Boil neem leaves until its luke worm and then gargle makes teeth stronger to fight against bacteria. If practiced on regular basis it is most natural and effective way to get sparkling teeth.

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