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DANA RAE LAVERTY [email protected] EMPLOYMENT Apr. 2012-Jan. 2013COPY EDITOR: PROVIDENCE JOURNAL Read and edited staff copy for Providence Journal newspaper. Worked on both the News and Features desk. Thrived in a high-pressure environment with tight and strict deadlines. Aug. 2010-PresentFREELANCE COPY EDITOR/PROOFREADER, WRITER Freelance copy editor/proofreader. Clients include Adams Media, Skyhorse Publishing, and KidPub Press.  Book reviewer for ForeWord Reviews My pieces have been published in Rhode Island Monthly, Brown Alumni Magazine, and Providence Monthly. Aug. 2007-July 2010COPY EDITOR/COLUMNIST: FALL RIVER HERALD Fall River, MARead and edited staff and stringer copy for daily newspaper. Weekend Page… Read Article →

Copacabana Rio de Janeiro rental apartments may require a little research for foreigners looking to visit Rio for longer then a stereotypical one week vacation or holiday to Brazil. Thanks to the ever improving shopping carts hosted on the modern websites, travelers can book certain luxury apartments before they even arrive. The first question to ask yourself when visiting Rio is how long are you staying? If the answer is longer then one week then locating a rental apartment in Copacabana for a month to month or longer basis would have some advantages over a… Read Article →

Order A 30 Day Isagenix Program Our most popular program is simple and will help you lose weight at a steady pace.* Stick to the program until you reach your target weight – When you Order A 30 Day Isagenix Program Pak, it contains enough product for four Cleanse Days and has everything you need for success. Cleanse one day a week for four weeks, or you may modify this program to Cleanse two consecutive days twice a month, as in the 9 Day Isagenix Program. To order Isagenix products for wholesale, you must first… Read Article →

Every single one of us is surrounded by sin. The unsaved world revels in it, and even Christians can get caught up in it. Sin is evil, there is no excuse for it, we need to be on guard against it at all times, however a lot of Christians lash out not only against the sin, but against the sinner as well. The Bible makes it very clear that this isn’t the way it should be. Jesus condemns people who judge people, saying in Matthew 7:1-3 that we shouldn’t judge, because then we ourselves will… Read Article →

I walked into the theatre expecting an awesome bone-breaking, face-crunching, Jet Li movie. It was his last movie and I couldn’t wait too see the action! Positive Elements Jet Li tries to avenge someones death by killing the killer, he goes to the killers house and sees his mom and sister (the killer’s) he goes to kill them but stops, and leaves them un-harmed. Jet Li seeks revenge for his “brother” by fighting an important combatee to the death, he kills him and learns that he killed him for no reason, he seeks redemption by… Read Article →

With an awning for your caravan, you can make the space outside the caravan yours too. While the space may have become yours, you will want to extend the privacy and comfort of the caravan to the area under the awning as well. For this, you will require awning curtains that not only keep your privacy but also to beautify the whole awning. Caravan Awning Curtains come in a plethora of designs, patterns, textures and colors. Aesthetic elements of a curtain are very important because they determine the privacy and intimacy that the curtain can… Read Article →

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The lawyers have gained a bad reputation over the years and they generally have negative stereotypes connected to it. They are sometimes viewed as hunters hungry ambulance money that are out of blood. Director Tom Shadyac comedy takes a look at some of these stereotypes and uses them to create a movie called Liar Liar which is based on one day in the life of a very successful lawyer. Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey) is a successful defense attorney who will do anything to win his case and back in the world. One of his best… Read Article →